Illusion Technology Media Magic

Marco Tempest

Nicola Tesla

Ted Talk


  • Was this engaging? Why?
  • How did this affect you?
  • How would you describe this to your grandparents?
  • Illusion Technology Media Magic is a mouthful. What would you call it?

How was it made?

  • What elements of media were used?
  • What elements of performance?
  • What technology was used?
  • Divide the elements of this project. What potential jobs are involved?

Could you imagine how to make each of these things?

Further Reading

Marco Tempest website Magiclab


Possible class exercises as required.

Creating a 3D projection Diarama

  • Project an image on a wall just above a desk or table

You will use this image to make into a 3D diarama by making a custom projection screen to set on the table.

Notes: You’ll need some construction/prototyping materials. Paper, cardboard, scissors, tape/hotglue is a simple solution.

  • Cut out paper and stand it up on the table so that part of the image projects onto it. e.g. cut out a house for the house to project on
  • Try holding paper up where the image is projecting - then trace the object. Cut it out and set it up back on the table.
  • try other construction materials - legos, cardboard, stacked books, get creative!

Notes: What is difficult here? Is it the media (image) production, the building of the pop-up projection screen diarama, or dealing with the two as one?

  • Can you imagine making this into a video?
  • Can you imaging making a video for only one of the projection elements? For instance the street that winds through town, or a window on a building. What would the final composited video look like?

Exercise: Envisioning

Imagine another story to tell.

What kind of story would work well to be told this way?

What would you want to project on to tell this story?

Would anything move from part of the diarama to another?

What sort of narrative would you need to tell this story?

What would be acted out to enhance the story?

  • Demonstrate this to your classmates for your story.